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Medical Officer of MSU Rawalpindi

Dated : May 18th 2017

Success Story of a Medical Officer

My name is Safina Bibi and I am currently designated as a Medical Officer in MSU Rawalpindi since 2012 while my husband works for the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

Initially when I joined MSU, it was very difficult for me to adjust because the field work in MSU was quite rough. The working places are usually extremely far away from the base town and because of non-availability of proper roads, it takesa fairly long time to make it to the target area and vise verse. Due to these problems, I was not able to spare time for my family and was about to leave job until an incident occurred one day in a camp which changed the whole purpose of my life.

I was working in a village named BorgiBehns, Tehsil Gujar Khan. The village had no public or private health care facility available and it was the first time that someone came in this village to provide Family Planning (FP) and Maternal and Child Health (MCH) services. As per our usual work routine, our IPC team started door to door work to provide information on FP, counselling women and referring for FP services to the camp site where I was providing the services. It was another regular camp day for me when a client named Ms. Nazmeen came to know about FP methods. She had 10 children, 7 Male and 3 female, and had never used any traditional or modern FP method. At the time of her visit, we observed that her health was extremely weak and her financial condition was very much critical. Moreover, her husband had no proper job but was doing some labor work for living and yet wanted more children.

We told her about MCH and Family Planning, the importance of these two for her future, proper birth spacing between two children and also counseled her about FP methods. She agreed to adopt (IUCD) safe load and thanked our team and Greenstar Social Marketing for making her life easy. Witnessing the happiness and satisfaction on her face after she adopted safe load, strengthened my trust on Greenstar drastically. I felt truly honored when she thanked us and Greenstar team with prayers and sincerity. That day I felt I was serving at the right place.

I am a qualified LHV and I can easily practice in my field of expertise by opening a clinic. However, working for Greenstar does not only provide me with a source for earning money but alsoadds as a great step towards social cause. Our team strives to provide the best health care services in those areas where people cannot afford high quality health care services and no public or private health care facility is available. Post this enriching experience, I never thought to leave Greenstar and I strive to work day in and out with my all skills to serve the mankind.