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PBCC skills yield quality record keeping results by GS provider

Dated : Feb 21st 2017

Provider Behavior Change Communications (PBCC) Success Story

Dr. Qurrat-ul- Ain is a Greenstar Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) based in Faisalabad region. She is working with Greenstar from last two and half years. She received her PBCC training in early September 2016. The initiative aims to facilitate QAMs for improved supportive supervision to GS Network providers through PBCC skills. These skills would help QAMs positively change providers’ behavior to serve Sara better in terms of her Reproductive Health (RH) care needs. Since then Dr. Qurrat has been making efforts to identify her providers’ barriers to quality RH service provision and record keeping and facilitate them overcome these barriers through her PBCC skills. Ms. Azra Kiran is one of her GS network providers. She is associated with Greenstar form last eight years. She has a good FP clientele and has an average of 6 to 7 IUCD insertions per month for last one year (444 Couple Years of Protection generated in last year).

As much as Ms. Azra is doing well in offering family planning methods to her clients, she significantly lagged behind in terms of quality record keeping. She was only maintaining (incomplete) data for injectables and IUCDs offered to her clients. After Dr. Qurrat’s PBCC training she made additional efforts to identify reasons behind Ms. Azra’s poor record keeping practice. She learned that lack of time and lack of interest are the key reasons why Azra does not prioritize quality record keeping. Utilizing her PBCC skills, Dr. Qurrat addressed provider’s barriers to quality record keeping by shedding light on benefits of client record keeping and how this not only benefits the provider for maintaining detailed record of all FP services offered to clients on daily basis but also benefits clients with history of their service delivery information (if ever needed in future). Client contact details in record book also help provider follow-up with clients for services offered. After this discussion Ms. Azra committed to make efforts to improve her record keeping practices and record clients’ service delivery data to her fullest.

Over the last five months, Ms. Azra’s client record keeping practices have significantly improved. She is now maintaining data for all family planning clients and is also filling out clients’ age, contact number (if shared by clients), parity and last delivery information. Now Ms. Azra is very excited to share her client record book every month with Dr. Qurrat during her QTV visits. This behavior change improvement is attributed to QAM’s continuous reinforcement of importance of quality record keeping, utilizing PBCC skills, over the last five months. Ms. Azra’s behavior change experience sets an example for effectiveness of PBCC intervention.

Please see images attached below to see Dr. Azra’s record keeping practices. Drafted on 21 st February 2017.
Dr. Azra’s record keeping practices for month of May, June, July and August 2016

Improvement in Dr. Azra’s record keeping practices form September 2016 to January 2017
September 16:

October 16:

November 16:

December 16:

January 17: