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Portable Container Health Centers (PCHCs)

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Portable Container Health Centers

As a part of GSMS’s effort to expand access to quality MCH and FP services for the poor rural communities, GSM piloted the Portable Container Health Centers (PCHC) project in Punjab and KP with the support from KfW.
This project is a new hope for those poor communities who are living in deep rural areas and have little or no access to public or private health facilities. The fee-based service model enables sustainability of the clinic and empower local women through the use of GSM’s franchised business model. GSM has provided technical assistance to the service providers for quality assurance, financial management and engagement with local community for ensuring the ownership and sustainability of the clinics.
Currently six PCHCs have been deployed and fully functional in their respective areas. The big success in this project is sustainability as all the service providers of these PCHCs are generating sufficient income through the service fees to sustain the operations and also earn their living.