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Korangi Model Clinic

Greenstar established its Mother and Child Health Model Clinic in Korangi Town of Karachi in 2004 with the objective to provide basic MCH and FP services to the low income group underserved people of the area. Till June 2016, the operations of this clinic were managed with the donor support. From July 2016, after the discontinuation of donor support, Greenstar Management decided to sustain the donor investment on this clinic and continue to serve the lower income group community of Korangi with its own resources. To serve the community at large, the management decided to upgrade the clinic infrastructure, equipment and services and invested around PKR 5 million on the clinic. As a result of this upgradation, the clinic now standout to be one of the best health care center in the area for women and children. The objective to upgrade this clinic was to create a self-sustainable high quality health care service delivery model which will not only showcase Greenstar’s 25 years expertise in providing quality health care services to the community but also serve as a lab for Greenstar to test new interventions and innovations to promote healthy behaviors and increase uptake of modern FP methods. Greenstar believes in partnerships to achieve mutual social goals. To serve the underserved community of Korangi, Greenstar collaborated with SindLab to establish a specimen collection point at the clinic. This enabled the clients to avail subsidized testing facility at the clinic. Greenstar also partnered with Vital Pakistan; an NGO working in slums of Karachi, and offered subsidized quality services to the FP clients referred by them. To provide immunization services to the mothers and children, Greenstar has partnered with the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), Department of Health, Government of Sindh. The Health Department has deputed a female vaccinator to provide immunization services at the clinic on every Tuesday.

Strategic Interventions towards Sustainability:

  • Within the available resources, Greenstar initiated evening shift at the Korangi clinic in October 2017. The timings of evening shift are 2:00 to 8:00 pm. The clinic is now being operated 12 hours a day.
  • The services at the Korangi clinic have been Scaled-up by introducing additional services:
    • Implants
    • PAC (MVA)
    • PAC (MVA) - Painless
    • PAC (FP)
  • Greenstar has also initiated IPC supported door-to-door behavior change communication activities and monthly camps to increase uptake of FP services
  • Greenstar has also hired services of a consultant gynecologist and orthopedic surgeon to provide specialist services to its clients.