Green Star

Male Condoms

Male Condoms are an effective protection method against unwanted pregnancies and the only product for protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

GSM has three range of condoms: its flagship brand - Sathi, its second brand - Touch and a new premium brand - Do.


With a market share of over 70%* and being the number 1 Pakistani condom brand, Sathi is a feather in the cap of Greenstar’s FMCG range. Serving the Pakistani masses for more than three decades, the brand provides an economical option of a quality family planning method. Sathi condoms are imported, WHO approved and ISO certified, having passed through stringent quality checks which make them conformant to the highest international quality standards. In 2017, Sathi Plus, a new delay variant, was introduced to provide customers with an option of a performance-enhancing variant.


In 1996, Greenstar launched Touch – an upscale brand meant to target the Pakistani urban customer. Gaining the trust of millions of Pakistanis over a span of two decades, Touch is now Pakistan’s 2nd highest selling brand*. Imported and conforming to international standards of quality, Touch condoms serve as an excellent choice of contraceptives. Touch condoms provide variety and wide range of choices to the customer by offering all types of condoms; ribbed, dotted, delay. In 2019, Strawberry flavor was launched which completed the portfolio by adding the flavored condoms variant in the product range. Moreover, the brand was revitalized in the same year by improving the quality and standard of the product along with its packaging.


In 2017, Greenstar made history in the segment by launching the country’s first 3 in 1 brand containing ribbed, dotted and delay features within a single condom. Do is a premium brand which conforms to the highest international standards and is targeted towards people who demand extreme, intense pleasure.