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In Pakistan where abortion is legally restricted and access to services is limited, women with unwanted pregnancies often resort to unsafe abortions and subsequently require urgent medical attention to treat complications. Women may also suffer incomplete spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) or complications from a safe abortion that require medical attention.

Ensuring universal access to post abortion care saves lives.

We at Greenstar will do all we can to reduce the harm caused by unsafe abortion.

Postabortion care (PAC), is an approach for reducing deaths and injuries from incomplete and unsafe abortions and their related complications. Postabortion care includes five essential elements:

  1. Treatment of incomplete and unsafe abortion and complications
  2. Counseling to identify and respond to women’s emotional and physical health needs
  3. Contraceptive and family-planning (FP) services to help women prevent future unwanted pregnancies and abortions
  4. Reproductive and other health services that are preferably provided on-site or via referrals to other accessible facilities
  5. Community and service-provider partnerships to prevent unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions, to mobilize resources to ensure timely care for abortion complications, and to make sure health services meet community expectations and needs.


Greenstar’s PAC program addresses all 5 components of comprehensive post-abortion care through a network of providers who are trained and supervised to provide quality PAC and PAC - FP services and field community educators who raise awareness about safe PAC services.

At the center of Greenstar’s program is the woman we serve across Pakistan without any discrimination.

Our aim is that, 90% of all women accessing post-abortion care through our centers receive a modern method of contraception from us immediately after an abortion to prevent further unwanted pregnancies.