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Contribute to the noble cause of reproductive health and mother and child health through your gift of health to the underserved!


PDHS (2012-13) data shows that more than 89% women of Pakistan are not economically empowered and therefore depended on her spouse for financial support including health service utilization. The decisions made by women increases with improvement in socioeconomic status, with 41.5% women in poorest quintile as compared to 60.8% in wealthiest quintile. Pakistan’s reproductive and child health indictors are significantly worse than most of its regional neighbors. The unmet need for Family Planning, according to PDHS (2012-2013), is estimated at 21.23% and total fertility rate is 3.8. This is why for the past 25 years Greenstar has been offering its services to improve reproductive health and maternal and child health outcomes by expanding access to quality reproductive health services and products in Pakistan. Join us in our cause and save lives.


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