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Values & Competency Framework

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Competencies are the combination of knowledge, skills, abilities and other personal characteristics that are necessary for effective performance. The competencies needed in an organization are determined by its business strategy to ensure future growth and success. The introduction to the Greenstar Social Marketing Competency Framework is a key element in our approach to closing the “competency gap” by identifying those competencies that will ensure we have the organizational capabilities to be successful in the future.

The two sets of competencies required in the Competencies Framework are:

  • Core Competencies ( Required of everyone)
  • Professional Competencies (Job Family Specific)

Values & Competency Framework

This enables the GSM family to share a common language to describe performance standards and expectations and strengthens linkage between individual actions and business goals:


Includes initiative, creativity, risk taking and problem solving.


Includes teamwork, building relationships/networks, using the skills of others, and candor.


Includes leading by example, motivating and inspiring others and creating a high-performance organization.

Results Focus

Includes meeting commitments, delivering results and tenacity.

Client Focus

Includes understanding and responding to clients/providers, communication and maintaining relationship with clients/providers and creating solution to meet their needs.

Change Orientation

Includes developing self and others, coaching and adapting to and managing change.


Includes listening skills, adapting different communication styles, negotiating and influencing others