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Nadia feels blessed

By : GSM Team
Dated : 2016

"I have to take care of their responsibilities, and believe it or not, sometimes I cry."

33 year old Nadia works as a helper, assisting the Lady Health Visitors (LHV) in a mobile service medical camp. "My main task on camp days is to sterilise IUCD kits," she says. She feels blessed to have made a positive difference in the lives of women by offering family planning methods. "I get internal satisfaction from what I do," she says.

Though she helps others space their children and empowers women to transform their lives, she herself is a mother of six. She admits that if she were introduced to family planning methods earlier, she would have perhaps opted for fewer children.

Creating a work-life balance is extremely demanding for her. "I wake up at 5:30 in the morning." In addition to looking after her children, husband and daily household chores, she visits her mother-in-law daily. "At times, I'm on the go till 12 in the morning," says Nadia.

Despite her hardships, she believes her husband appreciates her now as she's flawlessly juggling so many activities in a day. "I have to take much more burden than men in our society, but I guess God has made women much more stronger," she says as she doesn't fail to count her blessings. "I am thankful to God for everything."