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Zainub's choice

By : Seema
Dated : 2014

Thirty-five year old Zainab, a mother of three young children, aged five, two and nine months, experienced a miscarriage after her first delivery. Since her marriage six years ago, Zainab never resorted to any FP methods. As part of the interpersonal activities conducted by Greenstar, Zainab was approached by an IPC worker, Seema.

"I was under the impression that these methods make women infertile, so I hesitated"

said Zainub. Seema addressed all her misconceptions, and explained to her different FP methods, suggesting Zainab discuss these with her husband. Meanwhile, Seema had arranged a subsidised clinic day called 'Sahulat Clinic', at the nearest medical facility. A day prior to the clinic day, Zainab was still reluctant to visit. Seema eventually convinced Zainab to seek further advice from a qualified doctor before making any decision.

"I felt it was a major step for me. Our mothers and grandmothers never used anything like that," said Zainab. After sitting with Dr. Bilqeees, who provided her further information, Zainab felt at ease. "Dr. Bilquees was very professional she had years of experience, and her words of wisdom convinced me to change my mind," said Zainab.

Zainab eventually adopted Multiload, an Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) providing effective birth spacing for upto five years. "The device is economical, and comfortable," Zainab said. "I now feel assured that I made the right choice for my family. My kids are young and need their mother," she said