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By : GSM Team
Dated : 2013

Nasreen, who belongs to a village, is a 60 yrs old lady deprived of education. Her husband is a farmer who works as a laborer. Nasreen reads the Quran and she knows the art of stitching and sewing very well. Furthermore, she has a great experience in horticulture and she often works at a nearby farm, compensated meagerly on a daily wage basis . She lives in a joint family system and has 7 children out of which 4 are married. Nasreen is Sindhi speaking and understands Urdu as well.

Nasreen has worked hard throughout her married life but now she is getting old and cannot continue with the same activities as before. Her time is now spent with her sons and their wives and the grandchildren she has out of them. She loves talking to her daughter in laws and shares a unique bond with her grandchildren. In her leisure time, she caters to the cattle.

Nasreen has a big social circle in and across her family and neighborhood. One of her close friends is Nora’an, who lives in her neighborhood. Noora’an makes Riili (Sindhi traditional Blankets) to support her family. Nora’an is against Family planning of her daughter-in-law for she wants more grandchildren from her. Nasreen and Noora’an at times, talk on this topic.

Nasreen prefers watching a local Sindhi channel and an Indian drama channel on the TV. However, at times, she ends up watching whatever her sons or grandchildren have tuned into.

Nasreen has experienced a great deal in her life and has gone through some good and bad days . She thinks that financial hardship embroiled the course of her potentially smooth life. Her husband, the bread earner, brought income from his work at the farm. Nasreen also worked there but she thinks if they owned their own land they could make and save more money from it. Working as labor at a landlord's farm has been a bad experience but they end up working there as they don't have any other alternative.

She must obey the order of her husband and in laws. She should also be trustworthy in matters pertaining to the family.

A Lady health worker usually visits her area from time to time. She lives in the neighborhood due to which Nasreen can take her daughters in law to LHW at anytime.

There are few private practicing doctors in Nasreen’s locality, but they are expensive and provide unsatisfactory facilities.

Nasreen and her daughter in law prefer to go to a government hospital. The government hospital is cheaper and they provide free medicines on a weekly basis. But sometimes it is tough to go to the government hospital as the hospital is far away and it takes about an hour to reach it via public transport.

Nasreen is doubtful about the effectiveness of Condoms. Once her friend Nooran shared a mis-happening with her close relative, where a woman became pregnant even after her husband used condoms. This led the man to believe that he was dishonored and hence created a myriad of complications for the couple.

Nasreen thinks pills and injection are two effective methods and she can trust in them. But she insists that these two methods have less side effects.