Green Star

Male Condoms

Male Condoms are an effective protection method against unwanted pregnancies and the only product for protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Intended to stop a man's semen from coming into contact with the partner's eggs, condoms are suitable for all males.

Currently, GSM offers two condoms, its flagship brand, Sathi, and its second brand Touch, which targets high-risk groups to prevent diseases. Touch is available in two variants: Touch Dotted and Touch Ribbed.


In 1986, Greenstar introduced its flagship brand - Sathi Condom that enjoys a market share of 70 percent. In Pakistan condoms are the most widely used reversible contraceptive method.


In 1996, Greenstar launched a second, upscale brand of condom - Touch. Touch comes in two variants, Touch Dotted and Touch Ribbed. Touch is targeted towards high-risk groups for disease prevention.